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Washington DC Post - Membership Overview

The SAME Washington DC Post (Chapter) has over 1400 members, with 140 Sustaining Member companies and public agencies that include close to 700 Sustaining Member representatives. The Washington DC Post's Sustaining Members and Individual Members encompass professionals from diverse fields. Our members are planners, architects, engineers, construction and environmental scientists, educational and research and development specialists, IT professionals, and many others. Our members serve as Washington DC Post Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs, as well as participation in overall SAME National initiatives by serving on SAME National Committees and the SAME Board of Directors. The Washington DC Post 2004 Annual Membership Drive is your opportunity to share with others the benefits of SAME membership and to introduce new members to our Award Winning Post, all the while garnering some points for new memberships.

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Washington DC Post Members

Our Sustaining Members represent the nation's leading engineering, architecture and construction firms that provide their services to the federal sector. In addition to their Sustaining Membership status at the Washington DC Post, these companies also sponsor the Washington DC Post Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament, and provide sponsorships at SAME local and national events and conferences.

Over 140 companies and public agencies are sustaining members of the Washington DC Post. That's over 700 sustaining member representatives. Company representative information is presently being updated and will be posted to this web page shortly. You can update your company or public agency representatives by simply visiting the SAME web site. The information you provide to SAME will be reflected on our Post roster of sustaining member representatives the following month. If you have any questions on sustaining memberships or representatives please contact the Washington DC Post Sustaining Membership Chair, Lauren Young.

Sustaining Member Company and Public Agency Web Sites

In addition to our 700 sustaining member representatives, we also have
over 750 individual members at the Washington DC Post. Our individual members include architecture, engineering, and related professionals of small and large businesses in the private sector and from the public sector. Individual members also serve in our military and work in our government agencies. They are a robust and energetic group of individuals that contribute to the dynamics and growth of our post.

The Washington DC Post Membership is diverse, active, and engaged in The Society. Our members serve as Washington DC Post Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs and members, as well as SAME National Committee Chairs and SAME National Board of Direction members. They fulfill the Society's mission, vision, and goals and objectives, as well as reach out to the Washington DC Post membership and local community with their service, contributions and time.

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Membership Benefits

Sustaining member companies and public agencies, and individual members benefit from the programs, and initiatives led by the SAME Washington Post leadership team. Highlights of membership at the Washington DC Post include:

  • Attend excellent Seminars, Workshops and Meetings
  • Meet and hear from top caliber Speakers, Presenters and Workshop Facilitators
  • Visit federal agency construction sites
  • Get involved with local and national security programs and readiness initiatives
  • Engage in technical competency and professional development opportunities
  • Network with representatives from other companies and government agencies
  • Share your marketing and business development initiatives
  • Mentor and motivate a new generation of professionals
  • Reach out to your local community, to fellow members, and to students
  • Connect with SAME leaders
  • Make a difference!

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Membership Outreach Initiative

The Washington DC post is growing! That's a familiar phrase we have mentioned before. Now, we are in an exponential growth mode. This is a remarkable achievement!

Our success is due in no small measure to our Membership Outreach Initiative! This initiative aims to introduce those in our community to SAME, and showcase the many professional development, networking, and educational opportunities available to all at the Washington DC Post. Furthermore, our Membership Outreach Initiative further extends the SAME network into new organizations and supports the SAME mission to build relationships in the engineering community. The Washington DC Post Membership Committee keeps in touch with our current members and has aligned an excellent membership drive.

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