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Strategic Realignment
SAME Washington DC Post

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Washington DC Post is strategically realigning its operations and mission initiatives to align with the:

SAME Constitution

SAME Bylaws

SAME Strategic Plan

SAME Streamers

This intrepid undertaking entails the planning and coordination of the Washington DC Post leadership team and a task force of dedicated individuals. There are a number of initiatives underway that are being developed:

Operations & Missions Committees

Washington DC Post Bylaws

Web Site Redesign

The Washington DC Post leadership team is presently looking at how best to align its operations and mission initiatives with the goals and objectives of SAME. Once the initial review is complete, the leadership team will forward its recommendations to the Washington DC Post Bylaws Task Force for additional review.

The Washington DC Post Bylaws Task Force, led by Col Anthony Maida, III, 1st Vice President of the Washington DC Post, will review the new SAME Post Bylaws template and will produce the 2004 SAME DC Post Bylaws within the next few months. The new Bylaws will be posted to our Web Site and shared with our membership at large. Final review and approval of the new Bylaws are scheduled to take place in October 2004.

The Washington DC Post Bylaws will provide a framework for operations and missions that will be further incorporated to the new Web Site Redesign and will drive the Washington DC Post's programs and initiatives.

The newly designed and realigned web site is a professional product that we hope our members, and our community, will be proud of. It offers a plethora of information that we hope will drive our communication initiative even further.

This is a one-stop-shop, where the user will have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently navigate for optimum results. The Washington DC Post Web Site Redesign incorporates SAME recommended guidelines for Post Web Sites, and uses the SAME Post Web Site template as a launch pad for the design.

The Washington DC Post represents Our Nation's Capital! That's a tall order, but one we have always embraced and continue to support. We are steadfast, membership driven, and committed to making a difference. We are fulfilling the SAME Mission, Vision, and Values - all in support to national defense!

The Washington DC Post is:

Forward Thinking,

Membership Driven, and

Strategically Responsive!